We give our shooters the option of recieving money or a trophy for those who place 1st or 2nd in class A, B or C.  Simply mark on the sign up sheet what you would like.  All shooters in the Cubs division will recieve a prize.

We have various categories to fit every kind of shooter.  Each category shooter shoots from a different colored stake.  Below is a list of those categories. 

Elite (unlimited)             green
Mens release                Yellow
Mens fingers                 Yellow
Womens                        Pink
Primitive                        White
Cadets    (13-17)           Pink
Cubs     (12 & under)    Red
Seniors  (60+)               Yellow

The cost for shooting at one of our 4 summer shoots is $10.00 for the individiual shooter, $23.00 for the entire family, and $3.00 for the Cubs.  Seniors are $8.00.  We pay money or trophies (your choice) to the top 3 places in each class.  Normaly we have enough shooters in the Men's Release class to flight 3 classes and we pay out 2 places in each class.  We base each class winners on the 3-6-9 system.

We are bringing back Novelty Shoots this year and also will have Food and Beverages available again!!

Registration begins at 7:00am and ends at 2:30pm.  Nobody will be allowed to start shooting after 2:30pm on Sunday.

 100% Rinehart targets

 Menu ​

​After shooting or while taking a break after the first half of the course, shooters can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat.  We serve freshly grilled brats, barbeque, hotdogs, chips and candy bars.  We also serve cold beer, soda and water.  Please, no beer on the course and no carry ins. ​

Below is a list of merchandise we sell at the Stitzer Sportsman's Club.  Sizes range from S, M, L to 3XL and tall sizes.  We do not however, sell merchandise from our website but you can purchase items at one of our shoots or contact us by filling out the contact form for items to be picked up.  We can take special orders if you have something you would like to order. 

All T-Shirts (white, grey)             $10.00
All Hats       (camo, black)          $10.00
Hoodies       (any color)              $25.00
Sweatshirts (any color)               $15.00
Polo Shirts   (any color)              $15.00
Rinehart Clipboards                    $12.00
Can Coolers                                $3.00
Window Decals (slvr, color)        $4.00                         

2022 Shoot dates
June 11th & 12th.             August 13th & 14th.
July 9th & 10th.          September 10th & 11th

Binos and range finders allowed !!!

SSC Merchandise

Stitzer Sportsman's Club

Practice Area

Our practice area has bag targets ranging from 10 to 40 yards for you to practice a little before shooting the course.  Although we DO NOT allow broadheads on the course, we do have 2 sand pits for you to sight in with broadheads for the upcoming hunting season.


 Targets ​

We have 100% Rinehart targets.  These targets range from deer to elk targets with a few bear and other North American animals to shoot at.  Rinehart targets make pulling arrows easy.